Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Slim in 6: My experience

Feb. 25: Have you ever woken up in a foul mood FOR NO REASON AT ALL? Yeah, that happened to me this morning. When the alarm went off, I smushed my face into the pillow (oh, my lovely pillow) and listened to Adult Contemporary music for five minutes before getting out of bed.

I started the workout just fine, with lots of energy in fact. But by the time I got to the leg lifts (damn you, leg lifts!) I was running out of steam. I did the entire workout, but only two minutes of the after-workout stretch. I should have learned my lesson from not doing it before, but I haven't. Maybe I need it beat into my head? And for some reason, the hostess, Debbie Siebers, really annoyed me today. Every time she laughed during an exercise, I wanted to yell at the screen, 'What's so funny about being in pain this early in the morning, b***h?!'

Have I mentioned I do the workouts in our home theatre? So the cast of characters in the Slim in 6 DVDs are almost life size. So, today, while doing my front kicks, I attempted to wallop Debbie in the head. And while it was very immature, it sure did make me feel better.

Feb. 24: So, I did it. I made it through my first real workout using the 'Burn It Up' DVD. And while I did march in place a couple of times while they were doing some exercises, I managed to power through it. And I hate to sound cheesy, but I really do feel empowered like the host, Debbie Siebers, suggests you will.

So, just 13 days left in the entire program. I'm really starting to wonder what exercise program to try next!

Feb. 23: Oh my gosh. I tried (let me reiterate: TRIED) to do 'Burn It Up' this morning. The third in the Slim in 6 series. I'm no quitter, but halfway through the workout, I just stopped, throwing myself down on the couch and fast-forwarding through the rest of the workout to see what torture exercises I missed out on. Tomorrow, I will try to do better, but holy crap. The workout is just super fast and was too much for me on a Monday morning. I'm a little angry with myself, but I keep telling myself that a 30-minute aerobic workout wasn't bad this morning. It just should have been for an hour. Sigh.

Feb. 22: I took another day off because the durn elbow is still hurting. I think I slept on it wrong Friday night.

Feb. 21: I took the day off because my elbow is really hurting.

Feb. 20: This morning I wasn't feeling the workout. My legs were extra tired for some reason, and I didn't do all the leg lifts. That really bothers me because I have done them for six workouts in a row. I wasn't feeling really well last night though, and didn't eat a lot of dinner, so I may not have had enough energy to do the exercises. One thing I have learned is that I have to eat enough if I want to stay active. Maybe tomorrow will be better!

Feb. 19: After my workout today I really wanted to go for a run. It's such a weird feeling: having worked out so hard and then wanting to do more. And it has hit me in the last couple of days how much I want to eat healthy because my body is all like, 'You're working really hard by exercising but you are partially cancelling out benefits because you are still eating high-calorie food'. It said that to me. Really.

So, tonight I am fixing dinner for Cam and myself and I am looking for more healthy options. It's a start, right?

Feb. 18: I realized today that I am more than halfway through the Slim in 6 program - I can hardly believe it. And I can tell a real difference in the way my clothes fit (they are so much looser!) and how I feel (no more getting out of breath!). I really need to eat better, but who knows if that will happen over the next 19 days. I've had a lot of trouble staying balanced the last couple of workouts, but I think my muscles are just tired. I've decided that next week I will definitely start 'Burn It Up'.

Feb. 17: I was totally right about paying for it today! Oy! I had NO balance on any exercise that required me to stand on one foot for any length of time. I ALMOST didn't finish the leg lift series, too, but I still managed to grit my way through it. I'm still not sure when to switch to 'Burn It Up.' Maybe just start fresh next week with it?

Feb. 16: So, I found out that I have today off. I spent most of the day helping Cam with a project and the workout was a nice break in the middle of the day. I'm going to pay tomorrow for doing the workout so late in the day since I will do the workout around 7 AM tomorrow. Leg lifts are still going strong!

Feb. 15: So, I totally took the day off today instead of Monday, because I just wanted to. I'm really glad I did.

Feb. 14: Even though today was Valentine's Day and Cam and I spent the entire day together, I did the workout. And it was a good thing, too, because dinner consisted of the best steak I have ever had (a bone-in filet served with butter sauce from Hal's Steakhouse), creamed spinach, lobster bisque, mussels in a white wine sauce and a slice of raspberry lemon cake (from Publix, actually). I was still able to do the entire leg routine, even though I was just a touch sore from the day before. Happy Valentine's Day!

Feb. 13: So, I actually waited until after work to do the workout - I usually do it in the morning around 7 AM. Well, I had a rough day and it actually inspired me to work harder than usual at my workout. And wouldn't you know it? I DEFEATED THOSE DAMN LEG LIFTS!! I did every single lift continuously, gritting my teeth the entire time, and I was so happy. In fact, I did the entire workout to a T and am trying to decide when to start the next (and final) video in the Slim in 6 series: 'Burn It Up'.

Feb. 12: Today was the first day that I nearly didn't do the Slim in 6 workout - strictly due to laziness and wanting to sleep in. I was actually late to work because I made myself do the workout after I slept in an extra 30 minutes! I'm really glad I did because after I do it I feel so energized! Sitting here at my desk I really want to go for a jog because I have that much energy.

And in exciting news, I noticed today for the first time that I have a lot more definition to my abs and hip area. I have lost about 5 pounds doing the Slim in 6 program and just watching what I eat (but not too closely actually). If I bettered my eating habits, I bet I would see much better results.

Feb. 11: Today, I got up at 6 AM to do the workout, and while I realize that is normal for many of you, it kicked my butt. I really wanted to roll over and go back to sleep for that extra hour, but I dragged my butt out of bed and I am so glad I did! The workout was really good and I was super awake during my meetings at the Capitol. My knees have started hurting during the pliƩ phase, but I think that is from overdoing it when I was a runner. I say 'was a runner', but I really want to get back to running again.

Anyways. I tried to think of everything but the pain while doing the leg lifts today, and it helped. A little. I still couldn't do them, BUT I did a few more than I did yesterday. As Bill Murray said in Groundhog Day, 'Anything different is good.'

Feb. 10: I've actually learned to like the music in the Slim in 6 videos even though it isn't that motivating. I like how it changes slightly throughout. And there is one point during the crunches phase in 'Ramp It Up' that the music reaches it's crescendo and you just KNOW that you are almost done with the exercises, which is fantastic because it happens during the crunches and they REALLY work the abs. I have actually yelled out because I was in pain during a crunch. Not because I was doing it wrong, but because they work so well.

Again, the leg lifts were beyond my reach. I'm getting annoyed at myself for not being able to do them all continuously. Tomorrow I have to work out extra early because I have a couple of meetings at the Capitol, so I am pretty sure tomorrow will not be the day I conquer the leg lifts.

Feb. 9: Day Off. My pectoral area is actually sore today because I skimped on the stretch and yoga portion of yesterday's workout. Note to self: STRETCH MORE!

Feb. 8: Today, I did the workout in the afternoon and it made a huge difference in my energy-level. I was working it harder than normal, though I didn't do the entire stretch & yoga section at the end of the video because I was in a hurry. That probably wasn't a very good idea. I did manage to make it through the second part of the leg lift section without putting my leg down. My goal this upcoming week is to make it through all three leg exercises without putting my leg down. It's killer!

Feb. 7: Oh my gosh, the leg lifts killed me! My butt and upper leg were burning so bad throughout the exercises. I shall not admit defeat (though I did today)! The weird part is that I am not sore after the workouts anymore, and it makes me feel like I am not pushing myself hard enough. Hm.

Feb. 6: So, um, Carl Daikeler, the CEO of Product Partners, which owns and operates Beachbody.com (the creator of Slim in 6) totally commented on my Slim in 6: Day 10 post. I really freaking appreciate the fact that he is reaching out to his customers. He suggested that I only use the Slim in 6 as a jumping off point, which was my plan the entire time. I will only do the program for six weeks and then I plan on trying something new. If anyone wants to send something my way, I will totally try it and diligently blog about it (hi, Carl!).

So, all that blogger-relations coolness aside, today's workout was much better than yesterday's. I really, really pushed myself to do the leg lifts. I quit about 3/4 the way through each leg for a break, but I did pick back up near the end of the sets, so I finally feel like they will be doable by the end of my time (I'm guessing another couple of weeks?) on the second part of the workout. And the demonstator in the back, Tracy, seemed even perkier than usual today, even though it is the same video every day. Maybe I was just paying more attention to her this morning.

Feb. 5: I can't believe it's already Day 10 of my 42-day workout 'experience' with Slim in 6. I was tired this morning and barely did any of the leg lifts, which appear to be crucial in getting a bottom you can bounce quarters off of. So, no quarter bouncing yet. I was able to do more of the arm exercises using the resistance bands, which is good. I really like Debbie Siebers' two exercise demonstrators much better in this video than in the first one. They don't look confused and smile a lot. Strangely, they make me feel like I should smile while working out, though typically I am gritting my teeth near the end of each rep. I'd post a photo, but I don't think you could handle the sheer determination my face conveys.

Feb. 4: Day two of 'Ramp It Up' was actually a little easier than yesterday, but I think that is because I wasn't pushing myself as hard as I should have yesterday so my muscles really weren't that sore today. Having pushed it really hard today, I wonder if I will be really feeling it tomorrow. And there is one thing that REALLY annoys me about the second part of the program - Debbie Siebers completely forgets to do an exercise set for one arm that she did for the other. It's the additional eight reps using the arm bands during the tricep workout. Rrrrrr.

Feb. 3: Today, I started 'Ramp It Up', the second in the Slim in 6 series. It moves from a 25-minute to a 48-minute workout. And as I told Kole this morning, it's like the first DVD ON CRACK. I actually started laughing in the middle of some leg lifts because they were so difficult and as soon as I took a break (you aren't supposed to pause between sets - yikes!), Debbie Siebers told me to take a break if I needed to. Thanks, Debbie. It is a great workout and I know that over the next three weeks (before I move onto the third in the series, oh dear me!) it will get easier, but my goodness. When the workout started, I was shocked at how fast they were moving on the screen. If Debbie's voice hadn't sounded normal (peppy, but normal), I would have thought the damn thing was on fast forward. Let's see how it goes for the next six days.

Feb. 2: Day Off. I feel like I should do the 14-minute Slim & Limber flexibility routine to "revitalize me on my day off". We'll see if I have time.

Feb. 1: I did the workout at my friend's house today, because I am committed to doing this workout 6 days in a row per week. Tomorrow is my day off and I'm really looking forward to resting up so I can get ready for the next step up in the work out program! Maybe Debbie Siebers will keep count better in the next DVD?

Jan. 31: Today, my legs and butt weren't nearly as sore as they usually are, and the work out actually seemed to go faster. Stef's face in the video still makes me laugh.

Jan. 30: My legs were really hurting this morning before the workout, so I didn't push myself as hard as I did the first three days. I find myself staring at Stef, the guy who demonstrates the moves behind the host, and thinking that he looks slightly confused the entire work out. I'm looking forward to (and dreading!) the next step up in the six-week program, which I will start next Tuesday. I've done the second workout before and it is killer. Maybe Cam will carry me around afterwards?

Jan. 29: The top of my legs and my bottom were both sore when I woke up, but nothing too bad. I think I need to start stretching more once the workout is through. Again, I was quite bored with the video, even though it is only like 25 minutes long. The workout is getting easier every day though!

Jan. 28: I woke up with a sore bottom this morning. I am thinking the squats yesterday worked. I drank a glass of water before starting the workout, as suggested by some of the Slim in 6 literature. It really did help me perk up. I was slightly bored again with the video, but I distracted myself by counting the reps myself since the host, Debbie Siebers, really can't keep count. I know it's only been two days, but I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Jan. 27: I began Slim in 6 today. I did the 'Start It Up' DVD and I was pretty dang bored by the end of it. Sadly, I am so out-of-shape that I actually feel a bit sore. Let's see how things progress.


Dawn said...

And then what?????? I was loving the Slim in 6 blog but it stopped at the end of Feb. I have to know! Very entertaining.

Holli said...

I feel like I have been going through similar experiences as you using the Slim in 6. Overall, I am liking it but it is definitely challenging day after day. I am currently on Ramp it Up and just started Week 2 yesterday (started Ramp it Up last Thurs). It has been somewhat difficult to me as I usually quit by this point with working out, but there’s something about this program I like and am going to try really hard to finish. I have also tried eating healthier (as pre SI6, I had a bad habit of fast food, sodas, etc). I have only lost about 4 lbs so far but its been a week. As far as other workouts, you might want to check out Gillian Micheals 30 day shred from Biggest Loser (it’s a 20 minute video daily) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuJcM93v9AY or I came across a blog a few days ago to go to youtube.com and search 8 minute arms, 8 minute abs, 8 minute legs (which might be good considering your schedule). I will most likely try these once I reach that point, or continue with SI6 and workout 2-3 days/week alternating Ramp it Up/Burn it Up and possibly follow Weight Watchers eating plan since I already have the books at home. Best of luck to you!