Monday, February 9, 2009

Slim in 6: Days 12 - 14

Feb. 9: Day Off. My pectoral area is actually sore today because I skimped on the stretch and yoga portion of yesterday's workout. Note to self: STRETCH MORE!

Feb. 8: Today, I did the workout in the afternoon and it made a huge difference in my energy-level. I was working it harder than normal, though I didn't do the entire stretch & yoga section at the end of the video because I was in a hurry. That probably wasn't a very good idea. I did manage to make it through the second part of the leg lift section without putting my leg down. My goal this upcoming week is to make it through all three leg exercises without putting my leg down. It's killer!

Feb. 7: Oh my gosh, the leg lifts killed me! My butt and upper leg were burning so bad throughout the exercises. I shall not admit defeat (though I did today)! The weird part is that I am not sore after the workouts anymore, and it makes me feel like I am not pushing myself hard enough. Hm.

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