Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Slim in 6: Days 18 - 22

Feb. 17: I was totally right about paying for it today! Oy! I had NO balance on any exercise that required me to stand on one foot for any length of time. I ALMOST didn't finish the leg lift series, too, but I still managed to grit my way through it. I'm still not sure when to switch to 'Burn It Up.' Maybe just start fresh next week with it?

Feb. 16: So, I found out that I have today off. I spent most of the day helping Cam with a project and the workout was a nice break in the middle of the day. I'm going to pay tomorrow for doing the workout so late in the day since I will do the workout around 7 AM tomorrow. Leg lifts are still going strong!

Feb. 15: So, I totally took the day off today instead of Monday, because I just wanted to. I'm really glad I did.

Feb. 14: Even though today was Valentine's Day and Cam and I spent the entire day together, I did the workout. And it was a good thing, too, because dinner consisted of the best steak I have ever had (a bone-in filet served with butter sauce from Hal's Steakhouse), creamed spinach, lobster bisque, mussels in a white wine sauce and a slice of raspberry lemon cake (from Publix, actually). I was still able to do the entire leg routine, even though I was just a touch sore from the day before. Happy Valentine's Day!

Feb. 13: So, I actually waited until after work to do the workout - I usually do it in the morning around 7 AM. Well, I had a rough day and it actually inspired me to work harder than usual at my workout. And wouldn't you know it? I DEFEATED THOSE DAMN LEG LIFTS!! I did every single lift continuously, gritting my teeth the entire time, and I was so happy. In fact, I did the entire workout to a T and am trying to decide when to start the next (and final) video in the Slim in 6 series: 'Burn It Up'.

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