Friday, February 6, 2009

Slim in 6: Day 11

Feb. 6: So, um, Carl Daikeler, the CEO of Product Partners, which owns and operates (the creator of Slim in 6) totally commented on my Slim in 6: Day 10 post. I really freaking appreciate the fact that he is reaching out to his customers. He suggested that I only use the Slim in 6 as a jumping off point, which was my plan the entire time. I will only do the program for six weeks and then I plan on trying something new. If anyone wants to send something my way, I will totally try it and diligently blog about it (hi, Carl!).

So, all that blogger-relations coolness aside, today's workout was much better than yesterday's. I really, really pushed myself to do the leg lifts. I quit about 3/4 the way through each leg for a break, but I did pick back up near the end of the sets, so I finally feel like they will be doable by the end of my time (I'm guessing another couple of weeks?) on the second part of the workout. And the demonstator in the back, Tracy, seemed even perkier than usual today, even though it is the same video every day. Maybe I was just paying more attention to her this morning.

Read about my entire Slim in 6 experience here.

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