Thursday, February 12, 2009

Slim in 6: Day 17

Feb. 12: Today was the first day that I nearly didn't do the Slim in 6 workout - strictly due to laziness and wanting to sleep in. I was actually late to work because I made myself do the workout after I slept in an extra 30 minutes! I'm really glad I did because after I do it I feel so energized! Sitting here at my desk I really want to go for a jog because I have that much energy.

And in exciting news, I noticed today for the first time that I have a lot more definition to my abs and hip area. I have lost about 5 pounds doing the Slim in 6 program and just watching what I eat (but not too closely actually). If I bettered my eating habits, I bet I would see much better results.

Read about my entire Slim in 6 experience here.

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