Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Slim in 6: Day 30

Feb. 25: Have you ever woken up in a foul mood FOR NO REASON AT ALL? Yeah, that happened to me this morning. When the alarm went off, I smushed my face into the pillow (oh, my lovely pillow) and listened to Adult Contemporary music for five minutes before getting out of bed.

I started the workout just fine, with lots of energy in fact. But by the time I got to the leg lifts (damn you, leg lifts!) I was running out of steam. I did the entire workout, but only two minutes of the after-workout stretch. I should have learned my lesson from not doing it before, but I haven't. Maybe I need it beat into my head? And for some reason, the hostess, Debbie Siebers, really annoyed me today. Every time she laughed during an exercise, I wanted to yell at the screen, 'What's so funny about being in pain this early in the morning, b***h?!'

Have I mentioned I do the workouts in our home theatre? So, the cast of characters in the Slim in 6 DVDs are almost life size. So, today, while doing my front kicks, I attempted to wallop Debbie in the head. And while it was very immature, it sure did make me feel better.

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